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Zone-AH! accompanies the creation of shared, hybrid - or “third” spaces dedicated to experimentation towards a more sustainable city. Our association supports and unites project leaders and entrepreneurs who want to put an emphasis on agriculture and biodiversity in communities throughout France. We want to make the "edible city" the pillar of the transition towards more resilient communities, thanks to the synergy between citizens and companies. That's why we're looking to restore urban metabolism where these cycles are broken, by promoting collaboration between parties.
Zone-AH! is undertaking the ZéBU project, which concerns the ecosystem of urban breweries. For the first phase, ZéBU has been working since 2015 to create an economic chain for waste management and the collection/reuse of spent grains from Parisian breweries. The second phase, which started in 2016, is focused on relocalizing the production of the ingredients that Parisian breweries need for making beer (hops, cereals, malts).

  • 74 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau
    Les Grands Voisins (Colombani)
    75014 Paris
  • 71 rue Étienne Dolet
    ZA Les Jardins d’Alfortville (Bât.A - Chez Love Your Waste)
    94140 Alfortville