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Outland Bar

Outland Bar, the Outland Brewery craft beer bar
Outland Brewery's new production site is installed in the Parisian suburb of Fontenay-sous-bois.
At a size of almost 300 square meters, the building houses a brewing system and five fermenters. The brewery will soon grow to include a laboratory for experimenting, a bottle conditioning room, and a tasting room.
You can come and discover all of Outland beers now that the Outland Bar has opened its doors in Paris by the Charonne metro station.
We have 12 rotating beers on tap to try out - 8 by Outland plus 4 guest beers - as well as a selection of natural wines and quality spirits.
The snack counter offers simple dishes using artisanal ingredients. Pâté by Grésigne d’Alain Grèzes, Pastrami by Chez Antoine, Ottana organic Burrata, Tricana stuffed calamari, and even some Karamata olive paste by Kalios... small, shareable dishes to enjoy with your beer.