O'clock Brewing

O’clock Brewing is a craft brewery that opened its doors in Bois d’Arcy (78) in early 2016. Created by a group of three friends, they have since created around 20 different recipes. With a heavy Anglo-Saxon influence, it’s hoppy beers (APA, IPA, DIPA) and dark and roasty (Stout) beers that the brewers love to create most. In 2016 the Jet Lag, Time Out, Stout Toujours, and 20 Years Later started to appear on the shelves of more and more French bottle shops, and finally became the flagship beers of the brewery. In addition to the classic lineup, O’clock Brewing also proposes an exciting series of collaboration brews with French and international breweries (Crazy Hops, Karl Straus, St. Hallvards Bryggeri) as well as with craft beer shops (Biérocratie, Beerotek, Baradoz). After a first year full of great beers and collaborations, the O’clock team wants to expand their series of barrel aged beers, and are experimenting with all kinds of different barrels. Our new projects will be revealed all throughout 2017, and will appear on the shelves of the best bottle shops in the country! Stay tuned!

3 rue Georges Méliès
78390 Bois-d'Arcy