Ma Bière

Ma Bière is a workshop for learning about and experimenting with brewing beer. During an evening or afternoon, you will spend 4 hours brewing your own beer either by yourself or with a friend: the choice of recipe, mash, filtration, choice of bittering and aromatic hops, choice of yeasts - you decide it all. As you brew your beer, you will taste different beers brewed at the workshop that will help you better understand the influence of malt and hops in the beer. The tastings are accompanied by deli meats (Bayonne ham, Lonzo and Coppa Corsica, Italian sausage, etc) and cheese (Saint-Nectaire, Comté 12 months old, Cantal, Tomme, etc). 3-4 weeks later, you return to bottle of your 20 liters of beer. Ma Bière also hosts evenings for experimented brewers that want to use the equipment on site. It is also possible to buy malts, hops and yeasts.