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Le Bar Fondamental

We opened La Beer Fabrique brewing workshop in September 2016 in the 11th arrondissement, and then embarked on a larger scale brewing adventure by creating our own range of beers: L.B.F. (La Brasserie Fondamentale).

We created our recipes on 15 liter test batches for a year and half to create our 4 core beers (Wheat beer, Pale Ale, Dubbel, and IPA), which we tested on our workshop customers. Once we were sure of ourselves, we went on to brew the first versions of our beers on a large scale at Brasserie Rabourdin in December 2017/January 2018, where we continue to brew our core range beers today.

In October 2018 we opened our brewpub, Le Bar Fondamental, where we serve 15 different beers (LBF and others) and where we have a small 2hl production that we brew on every Monday, and then serve on tap in the brewpub.

The Bar is also equipped with a few brew posts so that anyone curious can come and discover the joys of brewing during a 4 hour workshop in a space dedicated to the production and tasting of beers.