La Montreuilloise

Located in upper Montreuil (93), and bordering the historic Murs à pêches (Peach tree walls) neighborhood, the brewery offers an anglo-saxon inspired range of beers.
Since the start, the brewery has been affiliated with Nature & Progres, the oldest federation of organic agriculture in France, meaning that the Montreuilloise respects certain regulations regarding the choice and origins of their malts, the production and distribution of their beers, and their environmental and social impact.
The Montreuilloise also organizes brewing initiation workshops each week, and has already welcomed over 800 new brewers since their creation, thus promoting home brewing and the renewal of the French craft beer scene.

97, rue Pierre de Montreuil
93100 Montreuil

Official events of the promoter

Beers & Records invites La Montreuilloise brewery and Place au Fromage

> Beers & Records
Tasting / Meet the Brewer
On Saturday May 6th, Beers & Records are welcoming our neighbors from La Montreuilloise brewery for a tasting with surprise guest Place au Fromage starting at 2:30pm. Original and...
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3 breweries, 2 concerts, 1 barge

> Péniche Antipode
Fêtez la semaine de la bière sur la péniche Antipode en toute convivialité avec La Brasserie de l'Être, Brasserie La Montreuilloise, Brasserie La Baleine et en musique avec Napoléon et...
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Cheese & Beers and Rock'n'roll!

> Place de la Fraternité
When the first community Cheese-Truck of Montreuil teams up with the Montreuilloise brewery and Beer & Records, it makes for a great party under the trees of the Place de la...
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