La Guinche

Next 8th of June, on the first day of the Paris Beer Week, our micro-brewery will be celebrating its first birthday. Since our opening, we brew about 20 hectoliters per month which we distribute locally (direct to customers, to beer shops, co-ops, cultural venues, restaurants, events for militant causes...).

We've just stabilized our core range of beers (Rye Pale Ale, IPA, Cream Ale, IRA and Sweet Stout) - which we qualify as gateway beers - and are now working on some specialty brews. Our approach in choosing a lifestyle dedicated to independent craft beer is resolutely towards taste education. We commit ourselves daily to helping people discover new flavors and to accompany beer drinkers of all ages in the exploration of the universe of craft beer.

Our mentality is also oriented towrds cooperation and sharing with our colleauges in beer via the sharing of recipes, getting together for a fun event, or in promoting the role of women in the brewing world. We are also behind the operation houblonne la ville (hop the city) which promotes the cultivation of urban hops by teaming up with individuals, shared gardens, and businesses.

  • 44 avenue de la Résistance
    77500 Chelles