Associations / Collectives

La Drècherie

1/ First there was malt, and the malt became beer and spent grains.

2/ And then one day Elsa decided to create Brewsticks; the crunchy spent grain sticks were born between Toulouse and Paris.

3/ While looking for a temporary production workshop, the Brewsticks wound up in the oven of a bread-maker friend who was already thinking about changing locales.

4/ While sharing this workshop the bread maker and Brewsticks realized that they were sharing lots of the same material, which is pretty practical.

5/ At the same time a few collaborations starting taking place: the Brewsticks & Friends stand at the Grand Finale of the PBW last year, co-participation in several events, etc.

6/ Now comes the future modernization of the Brasserie de l'Être: their new isobar bottling system will free up some space, which they have offered to Brewsticks and to the bread maker to make delicious things from spent grains: Brewsticks, bread, why not pizzas, etc.

7/the seventh part of this story is being written right now, and we're working hard on it!