La Baleine

Beers from La Baleine Brewery are brewed traditionally, and have the taste characteristic of authentic, natural products. The malts, hops, aromatic plants and spices used in this Parisian micro-brewery's original recipes are selected by the brewer with care, to give the consumer a unique experience.

17, rue Henri-Duvernois
75020 Paris

Official events of the promoter

3 breweries, 2 concerts, 1 barge

> Péniche Antipode
Fêtez la semaine de la bière sur la péniche Antipode en toute convivialité avec La Brasserie de l'Être, Brasserie La Montreuilloise, Brasserie La Baleine et en musique avec Napoléon et...
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> Brasserie La Baleine
Visit / Tour
The brewery will be open to the public for visits, plus there will be a BBQ, a raffle, and 2 concerts (Napoléon & Dirty French Kiss)! With the RECHO food truck.
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