Deck & Donohue

Deck & Donohue is a brewery located in Montreuil since early 2014. Born out a friendship between Thomas Deck & Mike Donohue that started over 10 years ago, Deck & Donohue want to put the taste of craft beer in the spotlight, this taste that is for us, synonymous with passion and making creative recipes, combined with a permanent quest for excellence in the production process.

We brew small batches in order to always be able to offer freshly brewed beer. We want to highlight the richness and diversity of beer through the 5 beers that we brew year round, but also with our seasonal beers and special editions.

Our workshop is open every Saturday from 11am-3pm for brewery tours and free tastings, no appointment necessary.

71, rue de la Fraternité
93100 Montreuil

Official events of the promoter

Brew Workshop with Deck & Donohue

> Brew Unique
Brewing Workshop
Homebrewing is written in the DNA of both Deck & Donohue and Brew Unique, so we naturally joined our forces in 2015 to create a special workshop with an exclusive recipe. For the...
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Open Door Saturday at Deck & Donohue brewery

> Deck & Donohue
We’re continuing our annual tradition - the brewery will be open on the first Saturday of the Paris Beer Week. We’re setting up a bar in the interior court, plus there will be brewery...
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