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Brussel Beer Project / Canal Saint Martin

The Brussels Beer Project is a participatory project promoting co-creation made to step off the beaten path and to bring a breath of fresh air to the Belgian brewing scene! We’re proud to have been founded in 2013 and not in an Abbey in 1492!

We live and breathe contemporary Brussels, one that’s cosmopolitan, changing & evolving. The strength of Belgium was in its thirst for gustatory exploration. For a few years now, we’ve seen a new wave of brewing take life - audacious, collaborative, and challenging the ideas of taste. With the opening of our new taproom in Pigalle in March 2018, now Parisians can discover our beers at home. And since we have 20 taps to pour, we also use the opportunity to put the spotlight on numerous guest breweries.

Come to our new taproom at Canal Saint Martin! 27 taps so much fun!