Surrender to the beer at Biérocratie! Here you will find a large selection of excellent French craft brews, direct from the brewery, as well as a large selection of beers from around the world.You can also find beer glasses, beer swag and gift baskets. Hop lovers and malt enthusiasts can't help but leave happy!

32, rue de l'Espérance
75013 Paris

Official events of the promoter

XTREME FOOD Pairing: Craft beer & Industrial cheese

> Le Supercoin
Certain chefs don’t hesitate at all to pair their gastronomic know-how with the dark (see: stupid) side of the beer force: industrial beers. At Blaireaucratie & Supercons...
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This is not a Sage - B Maker launch party and public brew of recipes by Biérocratie and P’tite Maiz

> Biérocratie
Brewing Workshop
Since creating beer recipes all alone is boring...Lucas & Geoffroy of B Maker called up their friends from La P’tite Maiz and Biérocratie! The result: Two delicious recipes, ready...
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The vegetarian Goûter d’Or

> Biérocratie
Food Pairing
Come start this year’s Paris Beer Week off on the right foot with some afternoon homemade snacks and beers, in the company of our friends from the Goutte d’Or brewery! There will be 5...
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Barrel Aging with Pays Flamand

> Biérocratie
Tasting / Meet the Brewer
It’s been awhile now since the Pays Flamand brewery first launched Wilde Leeuw, their amazing series of barrel aged beers. And we’re still in awe of their skill and know-how. Clément,...
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Beers, Tattoos, and Exposition with Paul Northe

> Biérocratie
Fun & Games
Did you know that our dear friend and graphic designer, creator of our logo and our t-shirts, is also a gifted tattoo artist? We’re inviting him to the shop for a very special, beer-...
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