Bière MIЯ

The microbrewery MIЯ was created in 2017 in the commune of Romainville (Seine Saint-Denis).

The brewery aims to be eco-responsible: by using“bio” ingredients, privileging local resources, the reuse of waste products, the return of used bottles, green architecture ! - planting hops locally (via the operation “Hop Là”), and the use of recovered bread (destined to be thrown out) for special recipes are all envisioned.

4 different beers are currently brewed routinely (a pale ale, a Hefeweizen, a Rye Amber Ale, and a porter) and sold exclusively (for the moment !) at the restaurant/ café/ cellar Les Salaisons 29, in Romainville. Of course, other styles of beers will also be produced - a NEIPA was recently brewed and served on tap at a local tasting event.