DBI, it's a Distributor for Independent Brewers!
Importer and distributor of craft beer from Europe and beyond.
The sole intermediary between the brewer and the reseller.
Knowledgeable and motivated to serve the Craft Beer Revolution!

3, rue du Fort de la Briche
93200 Saint-Denis

Official events of the promoter

Rendez-vous in 15th Heaven

> Plan B
Tasting / Meet the Brewer
Exploration of brewing horizons with the Dieu du Ciel! team - to the heavens and beyond!
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Lucien vs Rocket Brewing Co

> Lucien la Chance
Food Pairing
Beer and food pairing with Rocket Brewing Company!
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Sulauze au naturel

> Liquiderie
Tasting / Meet the Brewer
By producing their own barley and hops and using wild yeast, Sulauze is proving that beer and wine are two universes that are very close! Situated in the Midi, the region has 30...
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Once upon a time... there was a Belgian craft brewery called Rulles

> Haut les cœurs
Tasting / Meet the Brewer
The history, tastes, hops, and traditional Belgian yeasts of Rulles brewery will flow into Paris at Haut les Cœurs for the PBW from May 4th-13th. On Thursday May 12th, from 8pm, meet...
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Debauchery and hops in 9th heaven

> La vie devant soi
Beer & Culture
We’re ready to engage in lots of debauchery for the PBW 2017! For the inauguration of the bar La vie devant soi in Belleville, we’re celebrating French craft beer with La Débauche...
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