How to participate?

The events of the Paris Beer Week are organized by the official participants of the festival, in partnership with numerous professionals, associations, and volunteers. All of the official participants of the PBW #4 are presented on this site.

How are the Paris Beer Week participants chosen?

First of all, the candidatures must be received before the deadline communicated by the association. Next they are studied by the administrative council of the association Bières et Papilles using certain guidelines and subjects: creativity and dynamism, creation of the activity, respect of others, implication in the evolution of mentalities and comportments regarding craft beer, the role of the brewer in a given brewery, etc. After discussion, the candidatures are put to a vote.

The official participants must sign a contract detailing their responsibilities and those of the association. Each participant contributes a certain sum to the Paris Beer Week, determined by their activity and number of events referenced by the Paris Beer Week.

I want to become an official participant!

We will be shortly accepting new candidatures for the 2018 edition, and the best way to stay informed - about candidature deadlines, for instance - is to become a part of the association (see below).

I want to be a part of the association!

Nothing could be easier: you can join online via the platform HelloAsso here.

Any person or structure can join, whether as a simple way to support the association or with intent to become actively involved in the organization. As with any association, becoming an adherent bestows the right to participate in the General Assembly, to elect the Administrative Council, and to be elected. Plus, as a member of the association, you automatically become part of the Paris Beer Club, which is a way for members to create their community, to meet up for discussions, bring ideas to the table, propose new projects, etc.

I want to be volunteer!

The Paris Beer Week needs you! As an independent collective, we rely on volunteers. When need arises, we regularly turn to members of the Paris Beer Club for volunteer aid. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity – join the club!