The Grand Finale: closing festival of the Paris Beer Week

Come and celebrate craft beer for a whole weekend!

Since craft beer is all about flavor, but also about sharing and celebrating together, we'll be waiting for you on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of June 2018 at the Centquatre for the Grand Finale of the Paris Beer Week #5

  • Meet craft brewers - both local and from the whole of France, as well as international brewers; each a part of the craft beer movement and specially selected by our independent collective.

  • Taste over 250 craft beers on tap and discover an infinite palette of colors, flavors, and aromas…

  • Enjoy a meal or a snack on site - our partners invite you to discover their quality, artisan ally produced dishes made from fresh seasonal products.

  • Participate in conferences open to everyone who wants to discover the universe of craft beer, or to delve more thoroughly into more advanced subjects.

  • Attend the Home Brew Contest Awards Ceremony and taste last year’s winning brew on tap.

  • Celebrate the event with music - DJ sets all weekend and a concert on Saturday night.

And to excite your taste buds...

Against The Grain - USAlphabet Brewing - UK
Alvinne - BEAzimut - FR
Bapbap - FRBeavertown - UK
Bendorf - FRBières & Papilles - FR
Brasserie De L'Être - FRBrekeriet - SE
Brewdog & Overworks - UKBrewfist - IT
Cloudwater - UKCoconino - FR
Crazy Hops - FRDeck & Donohue - FR
Dieu Du Ciel - QCDunham - QC
Four Pure** - UKGalibier - FR
Gallia - FRGarage - ES
Garrigues - FRGoutte D'Or - FR
Grand Paris - FRHardywood - US
Headbang - FRHoppy Road - FR
Iron - FRLa Bouledogue - FR
La Bouquine - FRLa Chamoise - FR
La Débauche - FRLa Dilettante - FR
La Montreuilloise - FRLa Nébuleuse - CH
La Pirata - ESLa Pleine Lune - FR
La P'Tite Maiz' - FRLa Société Parisienne De Bière - FR
Le Triangle - FRLervig - NO
Lickinghole Creek - USL'Instant - FR
Lost & Grounded** - UKMappiness - FR
Marcousis - FRNorth Brewing Co* - UK
Northern Monk - UKO'Clock Brewing - FR
Oedipus - NLOutland - FR
Oxbow - USPage24 - FR
Paname Brewing Company - FRParisis - FR
Pays Flamand - FRPetrol Beer Co. - FR
Popihn - FRSainte Cru - FR
Senne - BESkumenn - FR
Sulauze - FRThe Piggy Brewing Company - FR
The Veil** - USThe White Hag - IE
Thibord - FRTiny Rebel** - UK
To Øl - DKToccalmatto - IT
Track* - UKTriple Crossing* - US
Uiltje - NLVerdant* - UK
Volcelest - FRWild Beer - UK
Wiper & True** - UKWylam* - UK
Zoo Brew - FR
* Brewery present only on saturday
** Brewery present only on sunday


Saturday June 9th 2018

  • 12pm - "French breweries - appraisal and outlook"

Speaker: Emmanuel GILLARD, beerologue - Projet Amertume

Emmanuel will open our conference program by presenting the actual state of the French brewing market, a market with an exponential growth. What is the future for our breweries? What are their perspectives for evolving? Emmanuel will furnish us with the information that will answer your questions about this ever-growing market.

  • 13pm - "Beer & Food Pairings"

Speaker: Bianca DIZON, manager and sommelier of the Fine Mousse Restaurant

Bianca will be sharing her experiences from the heart of one of the most influential French restaurants that mix gastronomy and beerology. How to organize food & beer pairings? How to create and best take care of your beer cellar?

  • 2:30pm - "How to taste a beer and evaluate it"

Speaker: Carol-Ann CAILLY, trained sommelier and Hoppy Hours blog

Carol-Ann is taking on the subject of tasting beer, with her perspective of a sommelier. The different steps of tasting a beer, the techniques of evaluating a beer. The conference will focus on the question: "When and how to give one's opinion on beer?"

  • 4pm - Starting one's own brewery

Speaker - Clémence THIBORD, founder & brewer of Brasserie Thibord

The journey of starting one's own brewery is not so simple, and can be a real uphill battle for some. Clémence, with difficulties in her path, succeeded in this test of strength by starting out as an energetic itinerant brewer doing collaborations before finally opening in her home territory, the Aube. She'll explain all of the secrets of her success and share her experiences with you.

  • 5:30pm - A Passion for Cans"

Speakers: Dorothée VAN AGT, co-founder and manager of Bières Cultes bottle shops, Nicolas STROHL, President Director General of Superbières bottle shop, Nicolas DELL AGLIO, Serial Brewer at La Nébuleuse (Suisse) - mystery speaker

Beers in cans has long had a bad image in France - a beer easily consumed in the street, and before now usually filled with cheap, bad liquid…Our debate will be moderated by Dorothée, whose job is to give back some of the nobility of this container, one that is more appreciated by brewers for its numerous advantages in comparison to bottles.

Sunday June 10th 2018

  • 12:30pm - "KeyKeg, the recyclable keg"

Speaker: KeyKeg, partner of the Paris Beer Week

KeyKeg is the leader in recyclable kegs/ What are the issues surrounding recyclable kegs? What is the origin and objectives of their creation?

  • 2pm - "Opening your brewery with the help of crowd funding"

Speaker: Miimosa, partner of the Paris Beer Week - Maggie NGUYEN of Brasserie Mappiness.

Miimosa is a crowdfunding platform. It allows numerous neo-brewers to concretize their projects thanks to the contributions of those who are passionate about beer and want to support the projects that are near to their hearts. Maggie of Mappiness brewery will also be there to share her experience with the Miimosa platform.

  • 3:30pm - "How and why to defend the prices of microbrewed beers"

¨Speakers: Fabien NAHUM, founder of the Société Parisienne de Bières - Alexandra RUN, strategy consultant.*

The goal of this conference will be to treat the question of the price of craft beer. What positioning to adopt, what communal strategy to put in place between the different breweries so as to assure the healthy development of the network and goodwill in the market without heading towards exaggerated concurrence all while respecting the consumer. A thorny subject that Fabien and Alexandra will try to rise to the challenge and tackle!

  • 5pm - "French Hops"

Speaker: Johann LASKOWSKI, executive officer of Houblon de France, founder of the Houblonnière Francilienne (La Houf).

Johann will present the questions linked to the renewal of the hops network in France and its development, the difficulties encountered and the connections with brewers who are more and more interested in local raw ingredients. This conference will also be the occasion to talk about the synergy between the different actors and the means necessary to assure a greener, hoppier future.

Concerts et Dj sets


  • 2pm - Ballades sonores (Dj set - Pop/Chill)

  • 3pm - DJ'ill (Dj set - Shoegazz/Psych-Rock)

  • 4pm - Breakfast King (Dj set - Folk-Pop/Indie-Pop)

  • 5pm - Ballades sonores (Dj set - Pop/Rock)

  • 6pm - Ballades sonores (Dj set - Pop/Rock)

  • 7pm - Kevin Lartig (Concert)

  • 8pm - Helmut Koolh & Vladimir Platine (Dj set - Italo-Disco/World/Funk)

  • 9pm - Apollo Solo (Dj set - 80s/New Wave/Electro)

  • 9:30pm – Gerard Baste and Dr Vince (Concert)


  • 2pm - Ballades sonores (Dj set - Pop/Chill)

  • 3pm - Witan Fols (Folk/Power-Pop)

  • 4pm - Breakfast King (Dj set - Folk-Pop/Indie-Pop)

  • 5pm - Fonky Tacchini & Bad Gamme (Dj set - 80s 90s Hip Hop Classics)

  • 6pm - Kawaii & The Boulaouane Bro. (Dj set - Indie/Rock)

Autres animations

  • Workshop - Off-flavors in beer: recognizing and understanding them

The chemical composants that can come from the brewing process, fermentation and stockage are not all appealing to the senses. To better understand these "off-flavors", you must perfect your knowledge and become more vigilant concerning your favorite beverage, so come experiment with us and better understand their origins.

Place: écurie sud. On-site enrollment.

  • Wild pairing - Tell me what you're drinking and I'll tell you what cheese goes with it!

Thibault Schuermans of Bière à Table is coming around, cheese platter in hand, so that you can discover beer and cheese pairings in a dynamic, convivial way. Come taste the gourmet cheese of Monsieur Fromage and the famous spent grain crackers from Résurrection, chosen specially to pair with whatever you happen to be sipping.

  • Beer shop corner

Come meet Parisian beer shop cavistes and let them advise you on some of the best bottles from local breweries.

Place: Place centrale - Take away only

  • Beer-themed Photography, Screen Printing, Comics and Lettering!

This year, we have the pleasure to host four artists during the Grand Finale. Virginie Roussel, Elise Speicher, Pauline Rousseau and Laurent Brémaud (aka leuleu) will plonge you into their multi-colored universes. And that's not all! Do you know the Beer Monsters? They're nice monsters that take form inside your glass, from the head of your beer. Share your best "monster" photo on social networks with the #PBWBEERMONSTER! You might have the chance to be selected by Elise, and to take home one of her creations...

  • Homebrewing awards ceremony - Sunday at 4:30pm

Come watch the awards ceremony for the annual Homebrewers Contest.

And during the weekend, come taste on tap the winning beer from last year's edition, at the brewery stand of Bières et papilles.

Place: stage.


  • The Beast Paris République: the first Parisian Smokehouse, a restaurant specialized in Texas-style BBQ, meat smoked over several hours on woodsmoke in a huge smoker that we call THE BEAST!!! They'll be here serving pulled pork and brisket sandwichs with coleslaw and their magical bourbon BBQ sauce!

  • Les Marmites Volantes: already part of the festival last year, they're coming back again with even more fresh and healthy ingredients, ready to serve up some tasty vegetarian salads using the produce of the season. Their motto? East well to live better!

  • **Emperor Norton: **you might not know them, but you've surely already come across their creations in the best coffee shop in Paris and during several Parisian "pop-up" events. Emperor Norton was created by a couple of epicureans coming from San Francisco, real caterer/creators. For the occasion they'll be proposing cookies (both hoppy and malty), beer-cooked pop corn and other gourmet surprises.

  • Boneshaker Doughnuts:as the name implies, their speciality is: the doughnut! Boneshaker is the top reference for multiple original recipes, as full of variety as flavor. We can't wait to taste the surprise recipes that they're going to make for us!

  • Résurrection: At Résurrection, we use spent grains (malt residue made from making beer) to make crackers! We'll have spent grain crackers, but also some giant, plate-sized crackers that will be proposed by Monsieur Fromage!

  • Brewsticks & Friends:as they are also fans of reusing spent grains to make delicious snacks, we've asked Brewsticks and some of their Friends to come to the adventure, because they like collaborations, and apart from aperitif crackers there are many more great things to make with spent grains: Breads / Spent Grain Ramen / Illucens / Le Faitout

Ticket information

Presale prices for the Grand Finale of the Paris Beer Week

  • 2 day Pass : 32 euros with 8 tokens
  • Saturday Pass : 20 euros with 4 tokens
  • Sunday Pass : 15 euros with 4 tokens
  • Sunday Professional Pass : 12 euros giving access to free tastings from 11am-1pm (no tokens included)

Official Paris Beer Week #5 tasting glass included with each pass

Each token can be used to buy one galopin (12.5cl) of beer.

Extra tokens will be on sale for 1.50€ apiece.


Saturday 11am-11pm

Sunday 11am-7pm


LE CENTQUATRE - 5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris

Metro : Line 7

Station : Riquet

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