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Brussels Beer Project // Pigalle

Cloudwater Total TTO

Friday, June 8th at 18:00

If we say "cans", "super in demand", "New England IPA", "Manchester" and "2nd best brewery in the world elected by RateBeer in 2018" you would answer what?


And if you already have the oh-so hoppy taste of their beers in your mouth, the originality of their seasonal beers, the audaciousness of their collaborations, ... we do too!

So, we're going to need TWENTY taps to take advantage of their super fresh, mega hoppy beers, and to delight your taste buds! No need to say anything else, we're sure, so write it down: June 8th, 0BBP, 100% Cloudwater at Pigalle!

  • 1 rue de bruxelles
    75009 Paris