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Summer Garden


Wednesday, June 12th to Sunday, June 16th

The SUMMER GARDEN is above all a social space, festive and convivial, where fire pits, organic farm market stands, meats from the famous Metzger butcher, big tables, lawn bowling, and ping pong tables all mix together… For the Paris Beer Week, Mob is partnering up with the Brasserie Urbaine of Saint Ouen. You don't know them? That's normal, the brewery is still a work in process, and they haven't started commercializing their beers yet. Seeing as they're our neighbors and we love them (and their beers), they're offering the possibility to discover their organic, craft IPA over a period of 4 days. This IPA, which smells almost exotic from its aroma of passion fruits is also an artist beer, because Mr. Chat, another MOB neighbor and famous artist, collaborated with the brewery on the beer and the creation of the label.

It's name? Pipi D'Chat!

Bring your friends and come discover this lovely brew around the fire pit, and enjoy some skewers created by our adored Chef.

Thursday and Friday: 6pm-10pm

Saturday & Sunday, service all day: 12pm-10pm

  • 4-6, rue Gambetta
    93400 SAINT OUEN