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Sour Kettle (Part 2) & Parisian Hops


Tuesday, June 11th from 15:00 to 21:00

Today's going to smell like hops!

Come join our public brew during our open-door brewing session.

On one side we'll have the sour beers, the worts of which have already undergone a primary lactic fermentation, which will now undergo a boil and be hopped before heading off to the fermentor.

And on the other side, two English-style beers that will be hopped with some lovely Parisian hop cones from last year's harvest: an English bitter with the English hop Prima Donna (grown at Porte de la Chapelle) and a Ginger Ale with wild hops from Touraine (grown on rue de Ruisseau).

  • 2 rue Gustave Rouanet
    75018 Paris