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Preaching the Good Word of Craft Beer & DJ Set

Sunday, June 3rd from 11:00 to 02:00

For the Paris Beer Week, with the brewers from the Goutte d'Or brewery, COCONINO Beers, and Petrol Brewing Co., we're replacing Sunday 11am mass with a sermon from the Saint Word of Craft Beer!!!

We'll be changing water into beer and you can come get baptized in a pool of Craft Beer, take the Petit Train of Montmartre and its wagon bar to go visit the Goutte d'Or brewery and listen to the Sermon of Father Tiphain Robert, revered priest of craft beer!

From 11am to 2am next morning, there's a DJ Set and tasting with our new collab', the "PetrOctoNino" at the 107bis and at the Octopussy!!

More info coming soon!

Train tickets are available at the Octopussy Paris and the 107bis.

  • 22, rue de la Jonquière
    75017 Paris