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Le Ker Beer

Metal and Beers with Ouroboros brewery

Monday, June 4th from 17:00 to 02:00

Life isn't made up only of love and cold beers but also of darkness, saturated guitars, long hair and headbanging!

That's why the Ker Beer is throwing a Metal night complete with concert, RPGs, and screaming contest. For the cold beer we've seen to it that there will be some liquid, flowery compositions and gustative chimeras from the Ouroboros brewery:

-- Ragnagnarök, amber IPA

-- Dark Water, black IPA

-- Hvergelmir, double IPA

And for the least sensible of you, there will also be some bottles of Sainte Barbe BA (Smokey Imperial Pepper Stout) and some Oui-Oui-Chyou (Barrel aged Milk Stout)!!

Keep calm and listen to metal music!!!

  • 10 rue Vandamme
    75014 Paris