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Mardi Acide Paradox Beer Company

La Binouze Rochechouart

Tuesday, June 11th from 18:00 to 00:00

Hey, what's better than an exceptional Sour Tuesday during the Paris Beer Week? A special Colorado-style Sour Tuesday!

For the occasion, and in association with COBEX FRANCE, we want you to discover the Paradox Beer Company. Founded in 2012 at Divide, a few hundred kilometers south of Denver by three beer enthusiasts, the brewery only creates barrel aged beers, with a maturation time ranging from 4 months to several years. The location of a brewery doesn't always have a reflection on the beers produced, but this is not the case for Paradox. The brewers were first influenced by Belgian and French farmhouse styles, but it's in the mountains of Colorado that they found their inspiration as well as their yeast strains. Indigenous yeasts, wild or cultivated, Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, and Pediococcus…

If these names don't mean anything to you it's because you haven't earned your Sour Beer Geek diploma yet, but we'll help you catch up! Jeff Airman, a Paradox brewer since the beginnings of the brewery in 2012 will be present to talk with you about beer and fermentation, or just to share a drink !


Grafted in Paradise // Sour saison, oak barrel aged. Infusion of grains of paradise, Amburana wood and Padauke 6.1%

Maple Manhattan // Lem Motlow Maple Wood Whiskey Barrel-aged Wild Sour Golden 8%

MFGose Pamplemousse // Mixed fermentation aged in foudre, Gose brewed with salt and grapefruit 5%

MFHybrid // Mixed fermentation aged in foudre, sour ale with blackberries and Malbec grape must 8.6%

Future Knowledge // Golden Farmhouse Ale aged in oak barrels with a brettanomyces strain developed by the brewery. Jarylo, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops used with winter red wheat from Colorado, German Polsner and Carahell malts with Scotch oats. Aged with the Solera method (only one fermenter is used, and every 6-12 months part of the batch is bottled / kegged).

Some of these beers are usually only served in their Divide Tap Room and will only be available in very limited quantities!

  • 72, rue de Rochechouart
    75009 Paris