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Kombucha and its fermentations


Wednesday, June 12th from 18:00 to 20:00

What exactly goes on behind this lovely, exotic name: Kombucha?
A fermentation, a symbiosis of yeast and bacteria more precisely. The strain of Kombucha is used for fermenting tea that has been lightly sweetened with sugar. The result? The smoothness of tea, a touch of acidity that comes with acetic fermentation, and some leftover sugars. And no alcohol.

Why do lacto-fermentation with Kombucha?
We all know pickled vegetables for their lightly acidic flavor. Traditional pickling is done in brine. This method of conservation - lacto -fermentation - reveals certain flavors, delighting our taste buds and helping our digestion.

At Sylki, we experiment with different kinds of fermentation. So, we're sharing our expertise on how to ferment your ingredients using a good dose of Kombucha. The result is a familiar vinegar flavor of pickled vegetables associated with some notes of tea from the Kombucha.

The workshop program:
- Discovery and tasting of Kombucha.
- Learn how to make Kombucha easily at home.
- Fermenting vegetables with Kombucha. The Kombucha can also be used as a leavening rich in yeast and bacteria ideal for fermenting. Let's try!
- Tasting of lacto-fermented vegetables.

Come curious, go home with your concoctions!
All of the materials necessary for the workshop will be provided. A participatory fee of 10€ per/person will help us cover the costs of jars and vegetables.

  • 9 rue Esquirol
    75013 Paris