Friday, May 5th from 17:00 to 02:00
Organized by: La Fine Mousse Bar & Restaurant La Compagnie des Boissons Vivantes

Italian Tap Takeover, 14 craft breweries

- Celebration -

Italy is often more well-known for its wine, cheeses, or pizzas, but craft beer has been an important part of Italian gastronomy for over twenty years.

In honor of this, we’re proposing 28 beers from the following breweries:

- Brewfist
- Crak
- Hammer
- Ritual Lab
- Eastside
- Loverbeer
- Vento Forte
- Elvo
- Hilltop
- Toccalmatto
- Extraomnes
- Ducato
- Elav
- Baladin

Thanks to our friend Manuele Colonna of Ma Che Siete Venit a Fa for organizing!

4 bis, avenue Jean Aicard
75011 Paris
Friday, May 5th
from 17:00 to 02:00

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