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Comparative test Brewferm, Grainfather and Braumeister

Ma Bière

Monday, June 10th from 15:30 to 19:30

This afternoon, we're going to brew exactly the same beer on three different brewing systems:

A 27 liter Brewferm kettle with bottom filter (technique used by the Nain Brasseur of Univers Bière) A semi-automatic 30 liter Grainfather system (technique used by Jaclyn & Pierre of Biérocratie) A semi-automatic 50 liter Braumeister (technique used by Ma Bière)

During the brew, we'll be comparing the 3 brewing techniques, comparing their advantages and inconveniences, and most of all, the results. `The European representative for Grainfather will be with us to answer any of your questions concerning the Grainfather!

When the beers are ready in July, we'll be waiting for you to come pick up one bottle of each brew!

We can also answer any of your questions concerning the use of each of the three systems and advise you on materials necessary for brewing. You can also benefit from a reduced price on brewing equipment, especially the Grainfather!

Monday June 10th from 3pm to 7:30pm

20 places available, Reservation required.

Snacks available: Deli meats & cheeses & beer"

  • 14 rue Caillaux
    75013 Paris