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Les Trois 8 Outland Bar

Brew Battle, brew the best or die!

Saturday, June 2nd from 17:00 to 02:00

Ready? Fight! 8 teams, 8 professional brewers, 8 home brewers, 2 bars. Only one victor! The rules of the combat are simple: a home brewer is paired up with a professional brewer to represent the colors of one of two bars, Les Trois 8 or Outland Bar. A few weeks ago, each team brewed a beer at the Brew Unique workshop with a special imposed theme, picked at random. During this evening, the beers of the Trois 8 team will be on tap at the Outland Bar, and vice-versa. It's up to you to vote in each bar and to elect the best beer of the Brew Battle.

At the Trois 888 you'll find: - Yann (Outland) with a cookie beer, - Julien (Demory) with a seafood beer, - Fabio (BAPBAP) with a beer with no hops, - Loïc (Brasserie de l'Être) with a coffee beer (but not dark).

At Outland Bar, you'll find: - Charles (Coconino) with a flower beer, - Edward (Brasserie de l'Être) with a beer containing at least one fruit and one vegetable, - Mike (Deck & Donohue) with a Wasabi beer, - Fifi (Spore) with a beer using 2 imposed themes from the above list.

  • 11, rue Victor Letalle
    75020 Paris
  • 6, rue Émile Lepeu
    75011 Paris