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Brasseurs Cueilleurs VS Chasseurs Cueilleurs

La Binouze Paradis

Friday, June 7th from 19:00 to 23:00

We're going all out for the Paris Beer Week this year! With the Brasseurs Cueilleurs (brewer-gatherers) and the Chasseurs Cueilleurs (hunter-gatherers), we're preparing a gastronomic event, paleo-tapas style!

Eating paleo means eating healthy, balanced, gluten-free, and organic. It's also about making sure to watch over the nutritive quality of the foods that we eat. That means avoiding processed foods, and also valuing the foods that we find in nature.

In our paleo tapas you won't find any cereals, dairy products, legumes, or processed foods. On the other hand, you can feast on… everything else!

So come meet the Brasseurs Cueilleurs and the Chasseurs Cueilleurs for a tasty discovery pairing with the lovely organic beers from gypsy brewers Arnaud and Thomas!

See you the Binouze Paradis, at 11 rue Paradis starting at 6pm.

We're only preparing 30 Beer Flights and Paleo Flights, so don't come too late!

  • 11 Rue de Paradis
    75010 Paris