RASTAL: "Das Glas und mehr", which we translate as "the glass and much more". This motto is completely justified today. Founded in 1919, RASTAL is still an innovative and dynamic entreprise despite its mature age. Pioneering and ambitious, we are behind the first iconic glass in 1964 for BITBURGER, the most distributed brand in Germany even now. Since then the realm of advertising glasses has not stopped evolving under the pencils of our designers, steeped in commercial reflection and marketing that is always in sync with the times.

RASTAL is above all the personalized beer glass. A catalogue rich in references that we would like to adapt to all kinds of beer. An expertise in printing: silkscreen, decal, relief inking, satining, colorization. And contemporary solutions such as "Bottoms Up", augmented reality, the "Smart Glass", etc…

We are very proud to now accompany a new generation of entrepreneurs/brewers through the craft beer movement. Since beer has grown, has gained in nobility and is different than the beer of our parents, we bring oenological solutions through our Craft collection. The TEKU glass is a perfect example.

We are always very happy to invest ourselves and contribute towards the promotion of beer, whatever style it may be as long as it's audacious, refreshing, surprising… No doubt that the Paris Beer Week is now part of these days that matter to lovers of hops and adventurers of taste. All together, we make these moments matter.

Happy tastings to all! RASTAL or "das Glas und mehr"