Founded at the end of 2014 by Florian Breton, MiiMOSA is the first participatory fundraising platform exclusively dedicated to agriculture and alimentation. After having accompanied close to 1,200 projects in 3 years (France, Belgium), on the model of donations with donor rewards, MiiMOSA has positioned itself in the world of alternative finance as the European leader of participatory fundraising in the realms of agriculture and alimentation. Since 2018, MiiMOSA has reinforced their fundraising offer with the participatory loan. This original offer now allows (1) farmers and alimentary enterprises to borrow simply and quickly from a large public and (2) citizens to put their savings into promising projects all while earning between 2%-5% interest. Learn more at www.MiiMOSA.com. Together, lets be the actors of our agriculture and our alimentation.