Malterie Soufflet

Malteries Soufflet, a part of the French agro-alimentary Soufflet family enterprise, specializes in malt production. These last few years, Malteries Soufflet has wanted to specifically address craft brewers by developing a range of products, kilned and roasted to best respond to their needs. Our malts are produced in France, on our site in Pithiviers. Quality, regularity, service and reactivity are the staples that we owe to our artisans. Plus, to better respond to your needs, we have launched a regional malt, the PILSEN 2RP in January of 2018, malted with barley produced in the greater Paris region and transformed in our Pithiviers malthouse. Find out more about our classic range, organic range, malts and flakes, and order online on our website: And don't hesitate to contact us by email with any questions: