Collaboration Beer: Sequana

The Sequana

The collaborative beer of the Paris Beer Week has become an institution. A victim of its own success, the 20 hectoliters of beer perfected and brewed by our participating brewers are rapidly consumed every year. All at once a way to promote the festival, a symbol of collaboration between the brewers of Île-de-France, and a conduit of festivity, the yearly launch of our collaborative beer is one of the highlights of the Paris Beer Week!

The original brew was a collaboration between the eleven first brewers from Île-de-France to be a part of the festival, and was therefore named the Onze (Eleven). Its name has since evolved to become the Sequana, after the name of the Gallo-Roman divinity of the sources of the Seine. Even with all this success, we can’t just rest on our laurels: now, each year, the recipe is based on the beer that won the previous year’s Home Brewing Contest. This full-scale brew spotlights the potential that comes from the French home brewing scene, and gives everybody a chance to taste the award-winning beer from the previous year's edition. In keeping with the spirit of a collaborative brew, the professional brewers are present during the brew day, and bring a bit of their own personal touch to the original recipe.

This special brew is served on tap and available in bottles at the establishments of Paris Beer Week partners, and its sales are one of the principal sources of funding for the festival. Watch out! This beer is only made once a year, and goes fast, so don’t miss it!