The Grand Finale was a Super Celebration!

Saturday, May 13th 2017 at the Centquatre (11am-11pm)

The program:

  • Meet 75 craft brewers, from the Parisian region and the whole of France, as well as international brewers; each a part of the craft beer movement and specially selected by our independent collective.

  • Taste over 200 craft beers on tap and discover an infinite palette of colors, flavors, and aromas...

  • Participate in conferences open to everyone who wants to discover the universe of craft beer, or to delve more thoroughly into more advanced subjects.

  • Attend the Home Brew Contest Awards Ceremony and taste last year’s winning brew on tap.

  • Enjoy a meal or a snack. Our partners invite you to discover their quality, artisanally produced dishes made from fresh seasonal products.

Breweries present at the Grand Finale:

Here's the complete list of breweries that celebrated with us!

BAPBAP (FR)La Bouledogue (FR)Volcelest (FR)Brasserie de l'Être (FR)Distrikt (FR)
Brasserie Artisanale de Marcoussis (FR)Brasserie La Baleine (FR)La Goutte d'Or (FR)La Montreuilloise (FR)La P'tite Sœur (FR)
Brasserie Parisis (FR)Outland (FR)Coconino (FR)Brew Unique (FR)Paname Brewing Company (FR)
Crazy Hops (F)Deck & Donohue (FR)Le Triangle (FR)Les Brasseurs du Grand Paris (FR)Brasserie Bendorf (FR)
Brasserie Du Mont Salève (FR)La Débauche (FR)Brasserie Thiriez (FR)Pleine Lune (FR)Brasserie L'Agrivoise (FR)
La P'tite Maiz' (FR)Brasserie Corrézienne (FR)Craig Allan (FR)Ouroboros (FR)The Piggy Brewing Company (FR)
Sainte Cru (FR)Hoppy Road (FR)Brasserie Sulauze (FR)Le Paradis (FR)Brasserie la Dilettante (FR)
Brasserie St Rieul (FR)Brasserie Galibier (FR)Brasserie du Pays Flamand (FR)An Alarc'h (FR)Brasserie Iron (FR)
Brasserie des Vignes (FR)La Chamoise (FR)Tri Martolod (FR)Skumenn (FR)Brew By Numbers (UK)
Perle (FR)Brasserie Les 3 Loups (FR)Brasserie Bailleux - Au Baron (FR)Brasserie Saint-Germain / Page 24 (FR)Uiltje (NL)
Oedipus Brewing (NL)Alphabet Brewing Company (UK)Trou du Diable (QC)Bevog (AT)La Rulles (BE)
BrewFist (IT)CRAK Brewery (IT)Jandrain-Jandrenouille (BE)Örebro Brygghus (SWE)La Quince (SP)
Wild Beer Co. (UK)Beavertown Brewery (UK)Rocket Brewing Company (DK)Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. (UK)Azimut Brasserie (FR)
Brasserie Thibord (FR)La brasserie Barge (FR)Compagnie Tourangelle de Bière (FR)La Superbe (FR)
Brasserie La Mercière (FR)Brasserie Artemus (FR)Brasserie Toussaint (FR)Brasserie Hönigmann (FR)